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Friday, April 08, 2011

Texas Tech's Forthcoming Symposium Edition: Criminal Law & the First Amendment

Texas Tech Law School and the Texas Tech Law Review held a wonderful symposium today on Criminal Law and the First Amendment. The Review will be publishing articles from the symposium in its forthcoming edition.  Participants in the symposium included Erwin Chemerinsky, Michael Kent Curtis, Scott Powe, William Van Alstyne, Ellen Podgor, Nadine Strossen, Frank Ravitch, Bill Marshall, Arnold Loewy, Jesse Choper, Eric Segall, Kevin Saunders, Russell Weaver, Gene Nichol, Burt Neuborne, and Lyrissa Lidsky.  I was very impressed with the law school's students, faculty, and facilities, and Professor Loewy deserves great praise for organizing such a remarkably stimulating symposium.  Keep an eye out for the published articles!

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