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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

StubHub and Charlie Sheen

Ticket prices for Charlie Sheen's show tomorrow night are around $25 over on StubHub.  (The face value of such tickets, I think, is around $125.)  Stubhub, as you probably know, is a website where you can buy second-hand tickets to a lot of different things: concerts, sports games, etc.  One of the things I love aboutStubHub is that it acts as a moral compass for me about what's popular and what's not.  (Okay, it's not a moral compass, but whatever.)  Tickets for really popular events sell for way more than the ticket's face value; tickets for unpopular events sell for way less than the ticket's face value.  Prices float around, acting as crude popularity barometers.  Efficient-markets people must love this stuff.  Anyway, prices for Sheen's show apparently went into the toilet after his terrible Detroit performance, but have apparently stabilized after a better show in New York.  (Why do I know these things?)

StubHub, by the way, is really good for certain types of things.  My Dad and I found Cleveland Indians opener tickets last week for $5.50 apiece, which was awesome.  Unsurprisingly, the Indians lost.  The plus side, I guess, is that next time the tickets might only cost $4.50.  I guess that's not a plus for the Indians though.

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