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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Deserts, On Appeal

Here are a few things you should know about filing a brief in the Seventh Circuit: (1) you can file on line but; (2) you still need to file 15 paper copies, 1 original + 14 copies, with the proper color cover, in person in the Clerk's Office ("we're online, but not that online"); (3) you must also file a "digital copy," which can be the online filing but maybe not, it depends, you probably have to bring a disc containing the brief; (4) the record, ordered roughly six months ago, may still not be downloaded to the docket so you may have to, maybe not, it depends, attach a boatload of pdfs to your online brief (please don't even ask about how you would attach a a 1500+ page record to the 14+1 filings). Query: Are these my just deserts for assigning appellate briefs all these years and demanding that students submit proper copies (2) with the proper color covers?

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