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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Entry Level Hiring: The 2011 Report.

Just a reminder that you can find the entry level hiring thread for 2011 over here. Please send your info to the incomparable Sarah Lawsky or preferably enter it as a comment on that thread over here.


Also, although we're ten or so days late, happy belated anniversary to the PrawfsBlawg community. It may be just me, but I do think all my co-conspirators and all of the readers who comment and share information here have helped build a better community for legal academics. That topic of building a better  community for prawfs will actually be the subject of a panel at this summer's SEALS conference, with a particular focus on how blogs can improve things.  If you have any suggestions for things we can do here at Prawfsblawg to make your life as a prawf better, please feel free to send me or one of the other folks on the masthaed an email -- of course, if you're under 30, feel free to send me a text or FB message :-)

Last, on that subject of building community, I'm excited to announce that Brian Galle and Dave Fagundes along with some other folks will be using the Prawfs platform at some point in the near future to instigate a "law review review" series. There's a category archive under that name now and gradually we will fill that archive with interviews with law review editors, peer review journal editors perhaps, and threads in which you can boast and whine about the production and dissemination of legal scholarship.

 P.S. Here's evidence that the end of the semester is nigh: a flash mob breaks out in former Prawf guest Michael Helfand's contracts class at Pepperdine.  As Michael writes:" You'll notice I'm wearing a T-Shirt that my students made for me.  It's got my supposed look alike on the front (Bill Murray) and I promised to wear it in class.  The clip breaks after I've called on a student who poses the following question: "would you like to play the love game."  Here's what ensues (special connection for Lady GaGa fans).

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We will not have boasting or whining. Other content is under development.

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