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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Bluebook 04

The Bluebook is such an unwieldy document, its editors have now created BlueTips, a web feature that allows the Bluebook editors to disseminate "authoritative guidance to reasonable questions on subjects covered by The Bluebook."

That's weird, isn't it? Because one would think the whole point of The Bluebook is to provide "authoritative guidance" on the subjects it covers, especially being as how it describes itself as "systematic," "definitive," and "a uniform system."

Take a look at this BlueTip:

Under rule 18.2.2(b)(i), main page titles are abbreviated in accordance with table T13. Where a main page title is better characterized as an institutional author, however, abbreviate in accordance with rule 15.1(d).

I mean really, someone needs to stop these people.

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