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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Accomplishing" Electronic Filing in the Seventh Circuit

I just filed my first brief in the Seventh Circuit on Monday. Along with the requisite hard copies, the Seventh Circuit requires an electronic copy of the brief and appendix. Starting May 1, 2011, all electronic filings must be "accomplished" (Court's language) using the Appellate CM/ECF System. Sound good?

Not so fast. Submitting your brief electronically in the Seventh can be "accomplished" if you are using a PC. However, if you are using a Mac, you will not be able to file electronically unless you have the Snow Leopard operating system. There is some sort of work around, in that on the day the brief is due (the time that you actually try to file six times clicking on the "if you are using a mac" instruction box, and are met with an error message each time) and you call the clerk in a panic, you can look online to download some sort of "bootcamp" program to finagle a "work around" for the missing "java" in Leopard, and you may be able to "accomplish" your filing. Or you can quickly burn a pdf (non-scanned!) copy of your brief and bring it on a disk to the clerk since it is still before May 1.

I learned from a clerk that the Seventh is the last circuit to go electronic.  Even if you don't practice, you may be on amicus briefs or the clinic in your school may file briefs in the Courts of Appeals. So here is my question: how is online filing "accomplished" in other circuits? Do the other Circuits' electronic filing systems accommodate any, all or only some mac operating systems?

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