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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roundtable on Birthright Citizenship

PrawfsBlawg is honored to host an extended roundtable on the issue of birthright citizenship.  Our roundtable guests will discuss the constitutional basis for citizenship, as well as state and federal proposals to modify or eliminate birth in the U.S. as an entitlement to citizenship.  The conversations will stretch from February 14 until March 6, so there will be plenty of time for you to participate.   We look forward to welcoming the following commentators:

Jack Chin, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law

Evelyn Haydee Cruz, Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law

John C. Eastman, Chapman University School of Law

Garrett Epps, University of Baltimore School of Law

Paul Finkelman, University of Albany School of Law

Andy Hessick, Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law

Ediberto Roman, Florida International University College of Law

Peter Schuck, Yale Law School

Peter Spiro, Temple University Beasley School of Law

Margaret Stock, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

Rose Cuison Villazor, Hofstra University School of Law

The organizer and host for this extended discussion is Jack Chin, who will start things off for us next week.  Hope you will join in the conversation.

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