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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More on Parenting: It's the genes, uh, silly.

In the midst of all this talk of Tiger Moms and Lion Dads, this recent study mentioned in the Wall Street Journal may provide some additional food for thought. It suggests that for poorer parents, environment is the most important factor in determining a child's "mental ability," whereas genetics is by far the most important factor for children in wealthier families.

Not having sought out the original study myself, I have no idea what exactly they mean by "mental ability" or how rigorous the methodology was. Still, perhaps Amy Chua might want to take a look before she pats herself on the back again.

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I don't read too many parenting books, blogs and what-not any more. I suspect that those of us inclined to read them probably have the least positive to gain. In fact, I think they make a lot of us (myself included) a smidge more neurotic than we already were. A law school friend wants to write The Lazy Parents' Parenting Book, but no one would buy it. This from the one who directed me to materials on the Finnish education system.

Posted by: Jen Kreder | Jan 27, 2011 11:24:03 AM

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