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Monday, November 01, 2010

Good-bye, and one last self-promotion

I suppose it's time for me to wrap up my guest stint here at Prawfs, but I can't resist my final opportunity for one last act of shameless self-promotion, so I will let you know that a special online symposium issue of the Duke Journal of Constitutional Law and Public Policy is now available, here, featuring short essays on cases from the Supreme Court's most recent term. Contributions include my essay on CLS v. Martinez, as well as essays by Rick Pildes on PCAOB, Neil Siegel on McDonald v. City of Chicago, Samuel Buell on Skilling v. U.S., John Coats on Jones v. Harris, Tamar Birckhead on Graham v. Florida, and Adam Tomkins on Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project.

Thanks again to all for the comments, and for the opportunity to plug my scholarship!

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