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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rankings, rankings everywhere

So the US News surveys are out (I managed to escape the task of filling it out--my reign as most-recently-tenured at my school lasted all of one year). Like the Rose Bowl, the US News rankings remain the "Grand[parent] Of Them All." Meanwhile, other surveys and rankings proliferate like so many Motor City Bowls--albeit without corporate sponsorship, but subject to just as much criticism. So, in the past two months alone, we have had Leiter's Scholarly Impact Study, Sisk's Expansion of the Scholarly Impact Study, Leiter's Voter Survey of the Top 40, Best Values, Best Law Schools for Hispanics, and the various Princeton rankings (including Most Diverse Faculty).

I wonder to what extent the US News has become the meta survey, with these other, smaller surveys influencing (to some degree or other) what US News voters think and say about particular schools based on how those schools did in the smaller surveys.

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I got my survey the other day. I'm giving extra points to all those schools that have hosted Prawfsfest!

Truthfully, though, despite the deluge of law porn I've endured the last few months, it's quite hard to make informed judgments about more than 50 or so schools. So, fwiw, I'm actually delighted that there's been a proliferation of rankings lately, and not just because FSU is doing much better on most of them than it has in USNews :-)

I went back to the race to the top law school website to see if Jason and Dave had updated their website at all for this year. Sadly but understandably, it hasn't been updated since last fall, though of course I welcome their comments here or links to let me know how I should vote if I were to do something besides merely replicate some of the other rankings I know of.

Posted by: Dan Markel | Oct 27, 2010 10:43:39 AM

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