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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Media Alerts on Federal Appeals Court Decisions

After years of being internet-shy (at least in terms of posting anything!), this has been a banner month for me.  In addition to this guest-blogging stint, I've also been overseeing the launch of a new program at Pace Law School through which a colleague and I are working with students to summarize noteworthy Second Circuit decisions for a new ABA website.  I just wanted to briefly let readers know about this website, and also mention that I'd be happy to talk more with professors at other law schools who might be interested in getting involved. 

The website, called "Media Alerts on Federal Courts of Appeals," was set up by the ABA last year to provide the media and the public with short, accessible summaries of noteworthy appeals court decisions.  So far, the website is covering the Fifth Circuit (with summaries from University of Texas Law School), the Third Circuit ( Temple Law School), the Ninth Circuit (University of Arizona Law School and University of San Diego Law School), the Federal Circuit ( Lewis & Clark Law School), and now the Second Circuit (Pace).   You can check the site out here.

We are just getting started with this project--our first summaries went up last week--but so far, I can say that it is both interesting and challenging, particularly because of the timing aspect.   (The idea is to have the summaries posted shortly after the cases come up.)   I appreciate that it is forcing me to keep up with the Second Circuit's decisions, which I have to think will be helpful in both my scholarship and teaching.


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