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Sunday, August 29, 2010

PrawfsPuzzler: Law Prawfs Crawsword!

Prawfs_puzzler_logoThe first-ever Prawfs crossword puzzle! (Or should we say "crawsword" puzzle?)

There's only one special thing to note: In keeping with the hide-the-ball and antique-language traditions of law school, no warning is given in the clue when Latin is required.



1. Hypothetical estate

7. For a soft-spoken prof.

8. A grade awarded at some universities for academic dishonesty or lack of attendance

9. Our subject

10. Art. 4 governs bank deposits.

12. HMO protector from 1974

13. Holmes explained that early legal systems emphasized vengance. An example was the stoning or surrendering of this animal when one did harm.

14. Your laptop-toting student may not have brought one.

16. Burma, Liberia, and the U.S.A. are the holdouts.

17. The first American law school, established 1773, in Connecticut

21. Said of a mind

22. You may be asked for one from a student wanting a fed. clerkship.

23. An association of members, a place where people drink, or something you could be bludgeoned with, but it's not "club."

24. 18 U.S.C. purveyor

26. May inhabit a utility easement in a condominium tower

27. A guardian __ litem is court-appointed to look after the legal interests of another.

28. Found in bankruptcy captions

30. Applicable to about half of American law schools, it's longer now, thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

31. Change


1. Key no. in DUI cases

2. Wielded in the assault case in 26 down

3. E.g., apples, oranges

4. Allow students to weigh in without a hand up

5. The thing

6. Is this going to be on the ______?

7. Traditional color of law for regalia

11. There wasn't one in Dougherty v. Salt.

12. Impeachment data on a JPEG

13. An act and an agency, under DOL, that can literally make you CYA.

15. If you've read one trade secret case, it's probably ___ duPont deNemours & Co., Inc. v. Christopher.

18. This means the S.Ct. will hear you. But I'd check your breath anyway.

19. It's what you're supposed to do to think like a lawyer.

20. Home to six law schools that are surrounded by, but not in, the 4th Cir.

23. This kind of nipping didn't justify vague vagrancy ordinances in Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville.

24. ADR practitioners

25. The ABA-approved law school closest to Canada, which is about 750 yards due south.

26. I __ S et Ux. v. W __ S

29. This Meese headed a 1980s report recommending stricter obscenity laws.

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