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Monday, July 05, 2010

Things You Oughta Know if You Teach Intellectual Property

Alanis Morissette is here, to remind you ... that the fair-use rationale for using her image is kinda weak, weak, weak ...
(Isn't it ironic?)

There are some things you should know if you teach Intellectual Property. As a new IP prawf, it took me some time to get wise to some of this stuff. So I thought it would be helpful to collect key tidbits here. Let's make this an open thread for whatever I've left out.

  • The Georgetown IP Teaching Resources Database is the place to get photos, movie clips, sound clips, illustrations, and other AV materials from real cases to use in your class. The database is the work of Georgetown prawf Rebecca Tushnet. You'll need a password, but if you are teaching IP, Rebecca will set you up. (Tip: Definitely show your students the clip of the infringing Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear being hunted down by a tank in the video-game ad. Your students will love you for it.) 
  • There is an IPProfs listserv; it's maintained by Franklin Pierce prawf Tom Field. You'll need to be approved as a bona-fide IP prawf to join.
  • There is also a Cyberprof listserv maintained by Stanford prawf Mark A. Lemley. Similar dealio.
  • The IP Scholars Conference is a general recurring conference for workshopping papers, and it's held in early- to mid-August. It rotates among its sponsoring schools Cardozo, Stanford, DePaul, and Berkeley. Expect the submission deadline to be in or around April.
  • To find other relevant upcoming conferences and calls for papers, go to IP and IT Conferences, a blog dedicated to posting these announcements. It's maintained by University of Pittsburgh prawf Michael Madison.
  • Finally, you oughta know that there is a free IP casebook – unlimited downloads from SSRN. No joke. You don't have to choose it – tastes vary – but you should at least be aware it exists, since you won't get a review copy in the mail. It's written by Field, the same guy who has the listserv. Thanks to the concisely edited cases, I'd use it even if it cost money. But it doesn't. So, why is Field giving it away instead of obtaining monopoly rents by selling copies? Hmmm. Discuss. And, why should you care if you save your students money? Ah, externalities. Discuss. At least you oughta know your students' feelings on the subject: Everytime they spend their scratch on someone else's book, they hope you feel it. Well can you feel it?

Updatedly, you oughta know:

[This post was updated on August 29, 2010 to incorporate material from the comments and to add other references.]

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This is a great post. Thank you!

Posted by: Brian Sites | Dec 18, 2014 4:32:35 PM

This was a very useful post, thank you!

Posted by: newprof | Jul 7, 2010 1:54:32 PM

I have two other resources that IP folks may find useful:

The first is this always-evolving list of IP law faculty around the world.

The second is this always-subject-to-revision blog series titled "Lost Classics of Intellectual Property Law," which identifies older scholarship that newer IP scholars should be aware of.

Posted by: Mike Madison | Jul 5, 2010 8:59:01 PM

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