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Friday, July 02, 2010

Return trip

Hello everyone, it's nice to be back again.  I blogged here exactly one year ago, when Bernard Madoff was on the tip of everyone's tongue (well, everyone in my world - I specialize in white collar and corporate crime).  Nowadays, I find myself waiting to see what happens to Goldman Sachs, although I highly doubt anything will come of the criminal investigation (just a billion dollar fine or thereabouts from the SEC).  I also have been following the insider trading prosecution of a hedge fund manager named Raj Rajaratnam.  His trial is being heralded as the largest insider trading case in history.  It should be, given that the government has already signed up nine cooperating defendants, and Rajaratnam himself  has several attorneys at Akin Gump working on his case, and a very interesting website, which helpfully lists his calendar dates and attaches a number of legal filings. 

Beyond that, I have been keeping myself busy reading the remarkable complaint filed in the Southern District of New York against two of the alleged Russian spies (more on that later), and by watching the re-opening of the investigation of Al Gore (you can read the report here).  Oh, and I keep waiting to hear if the government is going to file criminal charges against BP the entity (not likely - at least not an indictment - perhaps a Deferred Prosecution Agreement) and/or any individuals who worked for BP.

As you can see, I am one of those folks who straddles two different subjects (criminal and corporate law, with a growing interest in organizational theory applied to criminal procedure).  For now, I'm getting ready to fly the coop for the holiday weekend, and then I'll return for Prawfsfest! 7, hosted here at BLS.   

Looking forward to talking to you all during the rest of July!

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