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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rotations and sundry

Hope everyone had a meaningful and restful Memorial Day weekend. I'm now back from Chicago, where I attended a number of fantastic panels at Law and Society, and hung out with the wonderful crew of ImmProfs at their great conference at DePaul. The ImmProf crowd is an especially inviting group--there were other babies there to keep Ben company, and they have a tradition of a sing-along at their dinner (and various prawfs bring instruments to boot!  

Anyway, today marks a new month and so we have some new and returning voices here at Prawfs. First, let's have a warm welcome to Thomas E. Baker from FIU, who will be here for the first time. I'm also excited to welcome back here Eduardo Penalver (Cornell/Property); Brooks Holland (Gonzaga/Crim); Jody Madeira (Indiana/Crim); Bennett Capers (Hofstra/Crim); Eric Johnson (UND/IP); David Friedman (Willamette/business); and Adam Winkler (UCLA/2d Amendment/con law).

Some of our May guests have already signed off, but thanks to the whole crew of you. We look forward to seeing you again here soon!

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