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Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Good Writers (Present Company Excepted)

Dan, I've been out of town but I'm grateful for the post. To be told that your writing is a near-cause of child neglect is high praise indeed. For myself, there are those writers I admire and emulate, and those I can only admire, knowing that I can't do what they do. I love and emulate Richard Posner's writing, although I use many more commas than he does. I greatly enjoy and emulate much of Mark Tushnet's writing. They both strike me as being strong on the art of cutting to the quick in clear and simple language. On the other hand, I find absolutely beautiful the first half of Jed Rubenfeld's Freedom and Time, although I couldn't possibly write in that style. I admire Marc DeGirolami's grace and Steve Smith's limpid style and sense of humor. There are also many legal philosophers who, true to their profession, write in a concise and incisive way that I admire, although again I can't equal it. A fun question -- I'll let you ask it, Dan; leave me out of it -- would be what legal academic writers one admires greatly as thinkers while finding their writing awful. Comments on this question (especially anonymous comments) are not invited; like I said, let Dan ask it.

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