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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Madonna's Constitution. We're All Just Living Under It.

Orin Kerr has a very interesting commentary on the Supreme Court's recent opinion in Maryland v. Shatzer (that's Shatzer, not Shatner; sorry), which held that where a Miranda warning has been given, the presumption that any subsequent custodial interrogation is involuntary will last for 14 days from release from custody.  The comments eventually degenerate, but I can't resist plucking one gem from among them.  Answering Orin's question, why 14 days and not 13 or 15, a commenter suggests: 

I think it’s gematria, with the number 1 being assigned to each English letter. For example, Grutter v. Bollinger = affirmative action programs will not be needed 25 years from date of opinion. “Affirmative action programs” = 25 letters. Shatzer v. Maryland = 14 day time period for Miranda. “Michael Shatzer” = 14 letters. Just a coincidence? Or the newest theory of constitutional interpretation?
Ingenious.  You will know this theory has caught on when all the Justices suddenly start sporting red strings around their wrists.

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