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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My invariably talented colleague Shawn Bayern puts the fun(k) in funky FSU. Yes, as you suspected, he now has a techno music album up for sale on Amazon. I think some of these tunes might have appeared on a disc he made for Ben-ben. Buy it here.

Out of curiosity, what were folks' reax to the pieces today in the NYT re: wikileaks, polarized Scotus clerk careers, quasi anti-vegetarianism (in the name of plants' right to life!), and organ selling??

FWIW, I think Satel's case for modified incentives for organs is quite strong; I'm a little nervous about widespread use of wikileaks, but that's probably unjustified (watched Bourne Ultimatum again last night and thought Pam Landy today would scan and upload there...); sympathetic to Angier's piece on plant rights but not willing to bite the bullet -- what else will we eat, I wonder; and last, doubt if Clinton Admin is to blame for the change post-1990 in clerk trajectories. Liptak's piece suggests that's when the "troubles" began. Can POTUS be to blame for this? Unlikely...

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