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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Senator Orrin Hatch (aka Hanukkah Harry)

Those of you who have already checked your Facebook accounts the last couple days have probably seen this already on the wonderful Tablet site, but the inimitable Jeffrey Goldberg has somehow importuned Orrin Hatch, the Mormon songmeister/senior senator from Utah, to write a catchy new Hanukkah tune, co-written with Madeline Stone, a liberal NYC Jewish songwriter specializing in Christian music, and sung by ... a woman "named Rasheeda Azar, who was not only a back-up vocalist for Paula Abdul (Jew) and Janet Jackson (not a Jew) but is a Syrian-American from Terre Haute, Indiana. Rasheeda’s participation closes a circle of sorts, since the Syrian King Antiochus was, of course, the antagonist in the story of the Maccabean revolt."   I'm both tickled and, I confess, a mite spooked by the fact that the philo-semitic senator sports a mezuzah--take a look for it in the video, which you can watch here. 

Now if only we could make sure the Senator supports health care reform, we'd all be set.

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