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Friday, December 18, 2009

"A Law School Carol"

This story ("Going to law school?  Proceed with caution") discusses and links to a video that is making the rounds:

Make no mistake: A Law School Carol is no heartwarming holiday tale of redemption.

The computer-animated video, which has been circulating on YouTube for several weeks, focuses on a law student named Steve who is visited by the ghost of Ralph Marley's disappointing legal career (Ralph Marley being the law student who used to rent Steve's apartment and now does document review somewhere in New Jersey). The ghosts of Steve's prelaw, law school and postlaw school lives visit him to offer a sobering accounting of the sacrifices he made to attend law school, the staggering debt he assumed in the process and the limited prospects his degree from a third-tier school will afford.

"Wake up and smell the student loan payments!" the ghost of law school present warns.

The video may be a joke, but the argument isn't. . . .

Reactions?  Thoughts?

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