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Sunday, November 01, 2009

No apologies

Since we all seem to be announcing our arrivals here, I guess I should follow suit.  Thanks to Dan and my other hosts for agreeing to have me back for another tour of blogging duty.  It has been a long time since I was a regular blogger, and an even longer time s ince my last visit here-- a little over three years, I think.  In the meantime I've graduated from law school and clerked for a couple of fantastic bosses.  Because of those clerkships, I most definitely will not be blogging about Bilski. 

I also [not-so-shameless self-promotion alert] published an article laying out my side of a long argument we had here about the limited power of judicial opinions.  Maybe this trip will be similarly fruitful.  At any rate, it should be fun.

[P.S. I can be reached both through comments and through email to william.baude on gmail.]

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