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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Back from the hiring conference

Well, that was interesting and at least somewhat enjoyable. Of course, I have the beneift of being a member of (according to one anonymous candidate commenting at Faculty Lounge) a unique committee. Needless to say, I am free-riding on my colleagues on this one.

I concur in Michael's conception of FRC a series of "micro-workshops." Michael supplies the missing underlying key to my try-to-have-fun suggestion. Candidates can enjoy this not only because they can talk about themselves, but because they are doing, in miniature, one of the core fun parts of this job. And something they hopefully will get to keep doing once they join the academy.

I would add that Michael's perspective works for hiring-committee members as well. Being on the listening/interlocutor side in workshops also is a great part of this job, and that should be true for the micro-workshops we have invited each candidate to do for us. And at least we get some variety in our workshops--no two candidates even came close to talking about the same ideas.

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