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Thursday, October 01, 2009


First, I want to apologize for not having issued a Shana Tova/G'mar tov post on behalf of Prawfs last week; I hope the Jewish folks in the crowd will forgive the oversight. Though baby Benjamin is happily getting more uninterrupted sleep (kein ayin hara...), life has been a bit busy for reasons I hope to sketch out later this month. One of those reasons has been a paper I'm off to present, Taxing Punitive Damages, in Toronto at the Canadian Law and Econ Association this week/end and to celebrate the work of Michael Trebilcock, for whom (along with Rob Howse) I used to RA the summer before I started law school. If you'll be there, please let me know--would love to meet other prawfs/readers.

Anyway, with the new month upon us, we have some brand new voices to add to the conversation here at Prawfs: Rick Bales (NKU) and S. Todd Brown (Buffalo). We are also thrilled to welcome back Jack Chin (Arizona); Kelly Anders (Washburn), Eric E. Johnson (UND); Nadine Farid (Gonzaga); Chris Lund (MC); and David Schleicher (George Mason). 

Many thanks to our guests from this past month: Marcia Zug (South Carolina); Amy Landers (McGeorge); Kurt Lash (Loyola Law School LA);  Gregory Bowman (Miss. College of Law); Jason Solomon (UGa); Adam Kolber (San Diego); Rick Esenberg (Marquette); and Tung Yin (Lewis & Clark).
Last, some of them may linger a little while after today. In any event, we hope they'll come back soon for another visit.

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