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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Pleasures of Guest Blogging, Part 2

Let me just say how pleased I am to be guest blogging on Prawfsblawg--the blog with the best (if not the briefest) tag line in the blogosphere.  In response to Bennett Capers' post earlier today, it can be argued that his guest blogging pleasure #3 ("One's commitment lasts for just a month") is also arguably a downside.  But taking up his invitation to add to the list of blogging pleasures, and in further homage to Robert Wise's classic movie The Sound of Music, here are a few more advantages of guest blogging:

4) Do(ugh):  guest blogging doesn't cost anything

5) Re:  I don't really have anything here--just wanted to use the word "re" in a legal blog

6) Mi:  I get to talk about me, me, me

And in line with that last point, my plan this month is to use my blog posts (a) to explore some issues I have been thinking about in international trade regulation (one of my areas of research), and (b) to talk about anything else that strikes my fancy.  So thanks again to Dan for the invitation.

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