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Friday, August 14, 2009

Elgar Encyclopedia of Labor and Employment Law and Economics

Fresh out of the oven, just got hold of the hard copy: Labor and Employment Law and Economic, Kenneth Dau-Schmit, Seth Harris and Orly Lobel. Elgar decided last year to transition its popular Encyclopedia of Law and Economics (Posner has a great forward in it) to specialized volumes, and the labor and employment law volume is one of the first of these subject-specific books. Ken Dau-Schmidt and Seth Harris were wonderful collaborators to work with and we lined up terrific authors for each of the entries.

The nice thing about these volumes is that they are meant to be a comprehensive collection of chapters which include a literature review, comparative analysis, economic theory, empirical studies and an extended bibliography. This allows anyone approaching the subject matter for the first time to use the encyclopedia as the first step in their research. It also provides a good basis for workshop and seminar discussions and a handy refresher for scholars already writing in the field. Hope you enjoy it, and I would love to hear about the other volumes in the works.

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