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Monday, June 01, 2009

Late-Night Lawyers

It was an honor and a delight to join PrawfsBlawg as a guest in May. Where did the time go? In other (much more famous) news of transitions, we all know that Jay Leno signed off on the Tonight Show on Friday, and Conan O’Brien takes the helm today, which led me to think about the relatively small number of lawyers who have joined either show as guests over the years. The most famous lawyer and law professor to sit on either couch is President Obama; after that, the list is hard to remember, and a quick check around the web for such a compilation did not result in fruitful hits. As Jay and Conan transition to their new shows, which bits from their old shows would you like for them to keep? Which lawyers would make interesting guests?


Again, thanks so much to Dan and everyone at PrawfsBlawg for this great opportunity. I plan to return in the fall, space permitting. Have a wonderful summer!


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