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Thursday, June 11, 2009

High School Graduation

Not sure if he's the original Jay-Z, but Jonathan Zittrain posted his characteristically witty remarks at his alma mater's graduation ceremony over here.  A taste:

It’s fantastic to be back on campus. I confess that when I was a student here I had good days, bad days, and, well, surreal days. I began at David Mancosh’s Middle School, where a scrappy production of Lord of the Flies enjoyed a daily run for over two decades. My first mistake was to be a skinny nerd with the name ZITTRAIN. I compounded the error by wearing my school backpack over both shoulders. I was alerted to my lack of fashion sense when someone drop kicked it from behind while I was wearing it. It sailed about six inches off the ground, taking me with it like a parachute in an updraft, and I landed with it upside down across my stomach. 

And directly on the topic, a very interesting and funny conversation between David Brooks and Gail Collins over here. DB's lamentations: there's insufficient training for the 3 things most centrally related to one's happiness over life: picking a mate, finding and keeping friends, and wait, wait, wait for it: ... impulse control. 
H/t: Jenny 8.

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