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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Media Calls on Supreme Court Appointments

I suppose that one of the downsides of trying to preserve the repuation of a jurist in light of political attacks is that you start getting lots and lots of calls from the media.  I am, unfortunately, extraordinarily busy these days, but, because I have sometimes found it helpful just to point callers to various posts, I have decided that I may try, anyway, to continue with a few more thoughts on various aspects of Judge Sotomayor's record.  These are soon to come.

I should say that my purpose in doing this is, however, not to push for any particular appointment to the Supreme Court.  I am motivated more by a sense of the disgrace (and this is the right word) involved with maligning the reputation of a truly special person, who has done much to better this world.  As far as I can tell, Obama has begun to focus in on a number of truly gifted persons like this, and so there will surely be only feast, and no famine, with whatever his choice turns out to be. 

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