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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amazon's "Tag Suggestions"

I was curious what happens when you tell Amazon that you want to write a review, so I clicked on the relevant link on my book's Amazon page, and it took me to a screen where I could enter a review (no, I didn't actually enter a review of my own book).  Under this, though, it asked if I wanted to "tag" the book.  I don't really know what it means to "tag" a book, but I was a little taken aback by the following "tag suggestions" offered by the nice folks at the Amazon corporation (reported here verbatim):

crappy, humorous, foreign relations, murder, suspense, educational, jay wexler, sex, oh john ringo no

What to make of this, I have no idea?  Do you?

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Don't know about "oh john ringo no" but it's kinda funny that "Customers who bought this item [your book] also bought"

Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life" by Steve Martin.

What company you keep!

Posted by: jim | May 20, 2009 10:27:09 AM

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