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Friday, January 23, 2009

Legislating the Curriculum: The Podcast

At AALS this year, I was part of a great panel about incorporating legislation and regulation courses into the first-year curriculum.  We did a terrible job publicizing the panel -- and the speakers' names weren't included in the main packet.  In the event that you have an interest in the subject, the panel's podcast is available here.  Here was the description and the list of speakers:

Law schools are beginning to explore a variety of ways in which to integrate statutory and regulatory interpretation, and/or statutory and regulatory process, into the first year curriculum. This panel will critically explore several different models that schools have adopted to date: courses that focus on legislative process and statutory interpretation (Legislation); courses that focus on statutory and regulatory interpretation (LawMaking or LegReg); courses that use a specific subject matter as a vehicle for teaching statutory and regulatory interpretation and/or process; and courses that use the legal research and writing component as a vehicle. Panelists will focus primarily on what each model has to offer in terms of substantive content and pedagogical potential. Panelists will also address both challenges in teaching such courses and obstacles in getting such courses adopted in the first year curriculum, and offer some insights for overcoming such challenges and obstacles. One model that will not be discussed is a course that focuses primarily on administrative law and agencies.

Brudney James J. - Speaker
Driesen David M. - Speaker
Feldblum Chai R. - Moderator
Leib Ethan - Speaker
Mc Donnell Brett H. - Speaker
Stephenson Matthew C. - Speaker

If you need a copy of my recent Journal of Legal Education article on the subject, let me know.  Chai Feldblum set up an on-line resource at http://www.law.georgetown.edu/lawmaking/.

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