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Monday, November 17, 2008

Message to Crim Prawfs re: 2009 Law and Society in Denver

Dear crim profs or aspiring crim prawfs:
If you're planning to attend the Law and Society Association meeting in Denver (May 28-31, 2009), here's an idea that may be of interest.  With hopes of ensuring better criminal law-related panels (including punishment theory, criminal procedure, and related areas), Alice Ristroph (Seton Hall) and I are trying to play match-maker for junior (or newish) voices in criminal law fields.   The conference organizers accept individual paper proposals, but prefer proposals that are already composed into panels.  If you want to present something on criminal law and would like help finding panel-mates, send me  and Alice an email with your title (and topic/abstract).  We'll try to match up related papers to create complete panels.  We need to receive the paper topics by December 1 or so in order to match up panels before December 8, the LSA conference submission deadline.
We hope to see you in Denver or elsewhere soon!

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