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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Just wanted to take a moment to welcome the holiday tomorrow by giving thanks to all the wonderful people who help make up the Prawfs community--readers, writers, and sponsors. It's hard to believe that we've generated over 4 million pageviews in the last 3 years, and indeed that our traffic has  spiked over 30% the last six months or so. Amazing. Those of you who have been visiting more frequently as you transition fulltime into the legal academy--please think of Prawfs as the space for you to make your introduction to the academic community this upcoming year.

To my mind,  one of the best parts of Prawfs  has been the Prawfsfest! workshops in public law and legal theory that we've been doing, lately every six months or so.  Thus, I'm grateful and excited to announce our upcoming Prawfsfest! at University of Miami, where we began two years ago. This coming Prawfsfest! (which will take place the week of Dec 8th, just on the heels of Miami's Art Basel show) will feature: B. Jessie Hill, Charlton Copeland, Lesley Wexler, Ben Depoorter, Dave Fagundes, Steve Vladeck, Chad Oldfather, Tommy Crocker, Verity Winship, Howard Wasserman, and myself. Special thanks go to Ben Depoorter for helping me organize it at UM with the strong support from the deans at UMiami.  We'll be having another Prawfsfest! at Florida State Law in April--more details on that in the new year.

In the meantime, I hope to see many of you at our traditional AALS happy hour in San Diego in six weeks (details tba), and more immediately, I wish everyone a joyous and restful holiday filled with blessings and innumerable reasons for gratitude.

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