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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Launching the IP Colloquium

Doug Lichtman over at UCLA has a new venture that I thought might be of interest to our readers and their lawyer friends of the IP persuasion.  The project is called the Intellectual Property Colloquium, and it is essentially an online audio program devoted to intellectual property topics.  It aspires to be something like an NPR talk show, but it will focuse on copyrights and patents, and is aimed primarily at a legal audience.  The programs are neither lectures nor debates.  They are conversations, ideally thoughtful ones, with guests drawn from academia, the entertainment community, and the various technology industries.

Each program lasts one hour; is downloadable; and (the kicker) any lawyer who listens to our programs can earn (free) CLE credit in California, New York, and any state that accepts one of those through reciprocity.  (We should soon be able to offer CLE in all the states, but for now the combination of California, New York, and reciprocity should cover most of our audience regardless.)  Doug hosts each program; and the first one, a lively conversation with Fred von Lohmann of the EFF, is up and ready to go.  A schedule of up-coming shows is already posted on the site, as are a variety of subscription features that provide updates every time a new audio is available.

The website is here: www.ipcolloquium.com.  Sounds like a great project: high-quality, convenient, free, audio CLE, aimed at the sophisticated legal crowd.

Now, why don't we do that in other areas? Or do we?

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