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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Meta guest

So, as I undertake another guest stint at this fabulous blog, I wonder (aloud) about the motivations of serial guest blogging. Some guests (Rick Hills leaps first to mind, as does my colleague Jeff Harrison over at Moneylaw), by dint of voice and intellect, make an impression. The vast majority of the rest of us, however, don't. I begin to get a sense of some guests over the course of their visits, but then, once I get a handle on their interests and personality and voice, poof they're gone. I suppose this is in part because if we (and I suppose I should really be using I) had the time, gumption, and creativity, we/ I could start a new blog or achieve permanent status. Most of us don't, and so don't.

Meanwhile, some guests present their work, some focus on their particular academic interest, some reflect on the legal academy, some discuss personal or political interests -- and a guest's particular focus only emerges after, say, her third or fourth post. To prawfs' credit, I think, its guests vary widely, as do the topics of their posts. As someone who relies on his RSS reader as a means to recreate and relax (a/k/a kill time) and suffers from undiagnosed ADD, I like that quality of prawfs.

Assuming that, like me, most guest bloggers here don't have a single agenda in guesting, I'll speak only for myself and say that I enjoy the genre of blog writing, in the same way that I enjoy writing shorter-form essays and thinking about longer-form books, all as a complement to the law review articles that are the coin of the realm. Obviously, there's also an element of wanting to speak up and be noticed. But ultimately I don't enjoy the enterprise enough to aspire to permanent blogger status.

And, in case you couldn't tell, I tend to engage in (way too much) meta-blogging for a guest, and those who know me know I do way too much meta-navel-gazing in my life. Which is just another way to kill time, and another undiagnosed symptom of something. But if any other current guests or alumni wish to speak up about motivation, I'd love to hear their/ your thoughts, as well as those of any readers who want to discuss their thoughts on trying to follow a site with lots of guests.

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