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Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain's Future Citizenship Problems

Now that I'm back in the 'Hassee after a great trip to Marquette in Milwaukee to present "How Should Punitive Damages Work?", I thought I'd quickly plug a few pieces of interest to Prawfs readers who have been following Jack Chin's provocative work on whether McCain qualifies under the Constitution to serve as POTUS.  As you may recall, Adam Liptak in the NYT had a piece on the controversy stirred up by Jack's work.

Over at Legal Theory Blog, Larry Solum's highlighted one of the responses to Jack's work, a paper by Stephen Sachs entitled "John McCain's Citizenship: A Tentative Defense." Larry also weighs in with "Originalism and the Natural Born Citizens Clause."

The good news is that Michigan Law Review's First Impressions companion is soon scheduled to put together an online symposium including work by Jack, Larry, Stephen, and I believe Dan Tokaji and perhaps others and Peter Spiro. A great lineup. The law review editors that snaps up this pre-packaged symposium will have caught some very big fish.

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