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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Launch Day at Marquette

Today marks the launch of a new faculty blog by our friends at Marquette Law, including Prawfs veterans and soon-to-be guests: Michael O'Hear, Bruce Boyden, Paul Secunda, and Richard Esenberg. Keith Sharfman has a nice post up on the "decanal encouragement" of prawf blogging. I'm curious what reactions of prawfs would be if their deans "actively encouraged" more blogging by law professors.

In any event, I'm excited that I'll actually be visiting Marquette (and indeed Wisconsin) for the first time later this week to present my new paper, How Should Punitive Damages Work?, which I blogged about a couple days ago here. I'm hoping fans of the 'Kee can direct me to the best places to satisfy my jonesing for that Wisconsin cheese Gordon Smith perennially exalts. P.S. Congrats (belatedly) to Usha Rodrigues from UGA on joining the Glom. Her posts are wonderful.

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