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Monday, September 22, 2008

Book Club: "The Big Squeeze"


"You work for a company for ten years and you give a hundred and fifty percent.  Customers call in and say how much they like you.  I used to go above and beyond.  And then I get sick, something totally out of my control.  And then to get fired."

-- Jean Capobianco, former driver for FedEx Ground who was terminated after being diagnosed with stage-4 cancer

Welcome to PrawfsBlawg's Book Club on "The Big Squeeze" by Steven Greenhouse.   Along with myself, our participants will be:

We encourage everyone -- club participants, author, readers -- to join in the comments. 

You can call up all of the posts in the book club by clicking on the "Books" category.  If you'd like some further discussions of "The Big Squeeze", here are some links:

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