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Monday, August 25, 2008

What We Talk About When We Talk At Length And Tediously

No, that's not a reference to the Socratic-vs.-lecturing debate.  Rather, I commend to readers today's "schedule" for the Democratic National Convention, penned by hit-and-miss humorist Christopher Buckley, who hits on this occasion, in the Times.  I'm not sure what my favorites are, but up there would have to be the description of the "interfaith gathering," in which "Democrats of many interfaiths" will gather, "just as Republicans do on Sundays in actual churches with spires and vast parking lots," Bill Clinton's "lower-lip-biting demonstration," and, of course, Michelle Obama's keynote address: "Don't You Think I'd Know if My Husband Were a Muslim?"

Good stuff.  Clip it and keep it on your calendar to help keep track of events this week.

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Another good one on the Dems' Convention is from Dave Barry:
The DNC's On, Let the Drama Begin

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