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Friday, August 01, 2008


Greetings again to the Prawfs audience, this time from amidst a pile of cardboard boxes in our nation's capital.  Of the two or three readers who remember my first stint, one or two may recall that Dan urged me not to blog about tax, notwithstanding the indisputable success of other tax bloggers (scroll down to "best post ever").  I guess I can see his point.  I mean, sure, tax pays for, y'know, everything, but do we really care about how the rules work?  Yeah, there's questions about justice, but surely there is no concept of justice unique to tax, is there?   

So, in short, I plan to ignore Dan's request, but fear not, loyal reader (s?).  Tax is a capacious field.  I'll be blogging this time around mostly about federalism, politics, non-profit organizations, and the relationships between the three.  Thanks for stopping by.


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