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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Happy Canada Day everyone! I'm en route to Ottawa to celebrate, but just wanted to drop a note to thank all our wonderful June visitors: Eduardo, Andy, Bill, Tim, Jeff, Katy, Sam, and Jack. Some of them may linger a little bit, but as the month turns I want to thank them for their wonderful contributions.

July marks the onset of a new slate of new and familiar voices. First, let me welcome back Howard Wasserman and thank him for his innumerable contributions. Second, we have another slate of great visitors this month:  Bernie Meyler (Cornell), Ben Barros (Widener), Jason Solomon (Georgia, visiting at Vanderbilt this fall), Dave Fagundes (Southwestern), Doug Berman (Ohio State), Bennett Capers (Hofstra), David Schleiker (rising prawf at George Mason), and Adam Winkler (UCLA). I'll update this post a little more later, but thanks to this wonderful crew for joining the conversation this month.

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Hi Dan:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to join you at Prawfsblawg for June. I really enjoyed it.

Warm regards,


Posted by: Tim Lytton | Jul 1, 2008 10:43:57 PM

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