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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prawfstra! wrap up and happy hour reminder

Just a reminder for those of you here at the SEALS conference: we will have a happy hour at Stir in the Ritz tonight at 9pm.

With some degree of luck, it will be more successful than the  happy hour we had scheduled in NYC last week, when, at around 8pm and after a delicious dinner at Crave, all the Prawfsfest! participants decided to pack it in after a long day of having their papers be Ristrophed, i.e.,  skewered with brio and grace. My apologies to anyone who showed up spontaneously--I was able to warn those who had RSVP'd beforehand.

In any event, many thanks again to our wonderful hosts at Hofstra, Deans Nora Demleitner  and Michelle Wu, and Professors  Katy Kuh, Bennett Capers, and Julian Ku. I'm also grateful to our presenters and observers -- Alice, Katy, Bennett, Julian, Ethan, Steve, Adam Kolber, Verity Winship, Mike Cahill, Michael O'Hear, Ekow Yankah, Adil Haque -- all of whom made it an extremely successful get together as we incubated papers in public law and legal theory. Thanks are also owed to Alice and Jameel, for introducing me to Brooklyn properly. And last, I give especial thanks to the Hofstra folks for the bucket of swag. I love a good emblazoned pen set!

The next Prawfsfest!s will be at UMiami in December, and at FSU and Southwestern in 2009.

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I meant to show up, but I fell asleep (as I frequently do at my advanced age). Now I don't feel nearly as bad.

Posted by: shg | Jul 31, 2008 9:02:25 AM

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