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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fourth Annual Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop

The folks over at the Glom are hosting their fourth annual Conglomerate Junior Scholars Workshop for untenured law professors or candidates entering the law teaching market this fall. The submission deadline for completed papers is June 30, 2008.  Here's some additional info from Christine Hurt:

The Conglomerate has now hosted this workshop for the past three summers, and we have come to believe that the workshop provides a great service of matching junior authors with more senior experts in their field and also with other readers inside and outside of the academy.

The Junior Scholars Workshop will be live online around July 28, 2008, with allowance for the schedules of our commentators. We will host one or two papers each week, with the paper and solicited comments posted the morning the paper is showcased. We anticipate hosting no more than five papers to ensure reader participation and attention for the duration of the workshop.

The workshop is a terrific opportunity for junior scholars to get detailed feedback from experienced commentators.  It's a lot of work, and Christine and her fellow bloggers are to be commended for the time, energy, and insight they put into it.

Let Christine know if you'd like to present a paper or serve as a commentator.

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