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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Announcements and Rotations, etc

Sadly, I had to miss the bagels and smoked meat served in Montreal at the PrawfsBlawg-Co-Op Happy Hour, but I'm hoping some pictures might circulate as evidence. When not losing my 403b funds to a duo of pool-hall hustlers, I spent the last few days in glamorous New Brunswick, NJ, where I had an outstandingly useful and fun time at the criminal law and philosophy conference organized by the inimitable Kim Ferzan and Doug Husak.  I was tasked with presenting some reactions to Jae Lee's new paper on recidivism enhancements, which I'll try to post in a draft in the next few weeks. In the meantime, many thanks again to Doug and Kim for the invitation, to Jae for such a thought-provoking paper, and to the cohort of crim law theorists who made it such a worthwhile diversion from the otherwise tempting fracas in Montreal.

I'm in the Newark airport now en route back to Vancouver and wanted to take a moment to extend gratitude to all the wonderful guests we've had this past month. Big props to Carlton Larson, Andy Hessick, Helen Norton, Ron Wright, Jack Chin, Adam Levitin, and Laura Appleman. An especial debt of gratitude is owed to Eric Johnson and Howard Wasserman for their longer service. 

I'm delighted to report that Howard will be joining us for the year beginning July. And I'm equally pleased that Rick Hills will, effective immediately, be joining our crew on a long-term basis also.

This month we also have some familiar and new faces joining the Prawfs conversation: please welcome back Eduardo Penalver, Andy Siegel, Sam Kamin, Jeff Lipshaw, and Bill Araiza. I'm also very excited to give the keys to the palace for the first time to Katy Kuh (Hawfstra, Hofstra) and Tim Lytton (Albany). Tim will be sharing some insights from his recently published book from HUP on tort litigation and the clergy sex abuse scandals. Welcome all, and a happy June!

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