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Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Trivia Challenge – The Biggest Law School

Prawfs Trivia ChallengeWhich law school has the largest total enrollment of J.D. students, including both part-time and full-time?

Cooley_logoThomas M. Cooley Law School
in Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Auburn Hills, Michigan

Other law schools aren’t even close. In 2006, Cooley had 3,252 J.D. students.1 That was the most recent number I could find. According to Cooley’s current statistics, they have 3,723 total students enrolled, which includes LL.M. students in the Intellectual Property and Taxation programs.2

The list of the top 10 schools in total J.D. enrollment, as of 2006, can be found here.

Bonus question: What school has the most full-time J.D. students (per U.S. News and World Report)?

Highlight this paragraph to see the hidden white text for the answer3: Harvard Law School


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Cooley is not just the largest law school in the country, but in the WORLD... That means they have the incredible amount of resources for students that only the largest school can provide.

Posted by: Heather | Jan 19, 2009 12:33:19 PM

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