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Friday, May 02, 2008


It's time to grade exams or procrastinate exam-grading by writing, blogging, and drinking--though not necessarily in that order for all. What a great month we've had here to celebrate our first 3 years of Prawfsiness.

Happily we have another month of wonderful visitors, old and new, to join us. Debuting for the first time here are Erwin Chemerinsky (Duke, over to UC-Irvine as Dean); Jeannie Suk (Harvard, crim and family law); Carlton Larson (UC-Davis, con law and legal history); Andy Hessick (ASU, admin and con law); and Helen Norton (Colorado, torts/con law). Warm welcome backs are also due to Ron Wright (WFU, crim); Jack Chin (Arizona, crim); Laura Appleman (Willamette, crim). Jack in particular has promised numerous blog posts on the donuts of Tucson. Yum.

In the meantime, thanks are due to our outstanding April guests: Garry Jenkins (OSU, law and leadership),  Mark McKenna (SLU/ND, IP),  Andrew Torrance (Kansas, IP and biodiversity),  Glenn Cohen (thanks again to Glenn on a fine series of posts helpful to rising prawfs), Geoff Rapp (Toledo, torts, corps and sports), and Stuart Green (LSU to Rutgers; crim law theory). Nadine and Adam have promised to post a bit more over the next week or two. Fortunately we continue to retain the wonderful wit and wisdom of Rick Hills, Howard Wasserman, and Eric Johnson.

P.S. Jeannie had to back out this month for good cause but we're hoping she'll be here soon.

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