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Friday, April 04, 2008

You Don't Want to Miss Out on Law and Extraterrestrial Economics

Backbencher_pointingForgive me, but I’m going to take this opportunity to plug my humor blog, The Backbencher. Every Monday you can tune into The Backbencher to read my latest post.

I’ve re-posted a few of my Backbencher posts here on PrawfsBlawg, including my spirited defense of using words in class that I don’t fully understand, as well as my coverage of the 2008 AALS conference in New York.

But most Backbencher posts are available only on my Backbencher blog, including my explanation of how to improve your LSAT score without retaking the test. And then there’s my self-critical fashion review, “Can I Wear a Backpack Even if I'm a Law Professor?”

Some posts have nothing to do with the law whatsoever. I’ve done a scientific piece explaining the spread of disease within the family unit. I also broke news of an international financial scandal when I noticed I stopped getting Canadian coins in my change after the U.S. dollar plummeted and the exchange rate inverted. Perhaps my greatest contribution to society is when I spoke on behalf of most of the Earth's human population with my piece, “To America’s Financial Companies: Please Shut Up.”

The Backbencher is a revival of the brand name of the student-written newspaper some friends and I started in law school (which died when we left). The blog carries on some of that paper's tradition, but today's Backbencher has a more scholarly focus, summed up in its mission statement: A fresh voice for innovative innovation, rethinking reassessment, and changing how we go about making things different.

I'll be honest, it’s not as funny as a montage of whiffle-bat wielding toddlers and their groin-struck dads on America’s Funniest Home Videos. But my blog certainly is A LOT funnier than pun-laden circuit-court cases in the Federal Reporter.

So, enjoy. Set an RSS feed for it. And if you like it, let me know. And oh, don’t forget to check in on Monday, when you can read my post, “Why I am Afraid of Aliens.” Believe me, you’ll want to be there when I introduce the newest interdisciplinary legal scholarship movement that will be sweeping the nation: law and extraterrestrial economics.

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