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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some more reading suggestions

I had the sense I would later forget these, so let me just flag some interesting looking law review articles and symposia that just came across my screen thanks to Brian Quigley at UTexas.

First, the new issue of Virginia LR contains not only our own Matt Bodie's paper on "Information and the Market for Union Representation," which I hope Matt will blog (more) about, but also a really neat and ambitious paper I read this past summer in draft by Tali Fisher and Issy Rosen-Zvi, entitled: Overcoming Procedural Boundaries.

Second, the new issue of the UC-Davis Law Review has a symposium on the 40th Anniversary of the 4th Amendment case, Katz. It contains contributions by, among others, Aya Gruber, Erik Luna, David Sklansky, and former guest-prawf Jonathan Simon. I'm not a 4th Amendment guy, but I did read Jonathan's paper in draft and very much enjoyed it when he came to present it to FSU on Valentine's Day.  He is able to juxtapose granular doctrinal analysis and broad social theory and the piece is evidence of sharp inter-disciplinary skills as well as powerful writing.

Last, the Feb 2008 issue of the Stanford Law Review has a cluster of  articles by young prawfs including: current guest prawf Glenn Cohen, Sasha Volokh, and Bobby Chesney.

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