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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shakira is Smart


Whoa. Dude. Shakira is smart.

The Columbian-born triple-platinum recording artist tends to be famous for energetic pop music that is arguably too danceable. It is so drivingly rhythmic that even the nearly shameless will grip their chair in fear unless they are already a regular on a celebrity dance show. Last week Shakira did a sit down on National Public Radio to talk about her lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill for the Education for All Act. Not only did she know her stuff, but she delivered it with no ums and almost no ahs during the whole thing.

Hey, I mean no offense if you are a Shakira fan (or Shakira herself)** by pointing out that she's intelligent, but I am always shocked to find out that a celebrity is smart - especially the singer/dancer or actor variety. Alas, news of Shakira's brains is old news to Wikipedia, which reports that she speaks six languages and produces her own records. (She also writes her own music - not that that tells you anything.)

**Because she's nerdy enough to read this blog. On the other hand, it's probably intellectually beneath her.* Do not flame me on this point. I am still overwhelmed with trying to respond to the accumulated backlog of flames my guest stint on Prawfs has garnered me.**

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You might be the first to footnote a footnote in a blog, but David Foster Wallace footnoted at least one of his endnotes in Infinite Jest.

Posted by: Jason | Apr 27, 2008 11:23:06 PM

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