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Friday, April 18, 2008

CLC: Two Milestones!!

First, the CLC site is now dynamic!  You can now create an account and register comments and nominations through the website.  This allows you to directly control your interaction with the CLC project.

Second, we are near the beginning of phase two. (For a description of the project's four phases, go here).  During this phase, the authors of core texts that have accumulated a number of commentators will produce and post drafts of their core texts, usually by editing down past writings to produce a concise stand-alone presentation of the position.

If you have some articles that you have been thinking of nominating, now is the time to do it!  Several prominent issues are not yet well represented among the nominations (such as "legitimacy," sentencing/sentencing guidelines, deterrence, incapacitation/preventive detention, race, duress, and omission liability).  In addition, you also may see a nomination for which you think there is a better article to serve as a core text for the position or issue.  Review the current table and see what additions you think are needed.

Also, now is the time to sign up to comment.  Only those core texts with sufficient comments will move to the draft phase.  If you may have an interest in writing a comment, sign up now.

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