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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Arkansas-LR Law Prof Suing His Students for Defamation

Kashmir Hill at Above the Law relates a simmering controversy at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock School of Law.  Professor Richard Peltz has filed a suit against two of his former students, accusing them of defamation.   Here's Sunday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article on the dispute.

UPDATE: Professor Bainbridge weighs in:

I know no more of the details than what ATL and the links provided, so Ican;t comment on the merits of the suit. If Professor Peltz behaved as described in the article, however, his conduct was unprofessional and even moronic (in my opinion, a qualification I hasten to add just in case Professor Peltz is feeling really litigious). It’s perfectly legitimate for a law professor to dissent from the prevailing academic views on diversity. It’s perfectly appropriate to raise that dissent in class, as part of airing all sides of the debate. But being a jerk about it is just plain stupid.

Worse yet, being a jerk about such issues discredits legitimate dissent. The academic left will hold Peltz up as the exemplar of how critics of affirmative action think.

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